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Clara D.

1 day ago
The Musee d’Orsay, as beautiful as it is, literally came life with our excellent guide Anja. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the history and importance of the art was mesmerizing. She was a delight to be with and we cannot thank her enough for taking us along on her magnificent journey through the Musee d’Orsay. Ten stars would not be enough! Don’t miss this beautiful experience.

Bernard L.

10 days ago
Our guide, Lilly, was deeply knowledgeable and a wonderful story teller. She was able to pull the pieces in the museum into an overall narrative of the progression of art in France. It was very educational and very fun. She spent time pointing out the "jokes" and secrets that you might not notice as a lay person.

Morgane S.

13 days ago
Anya was fabulous! Very knowledgeable, of course, but tied together so many aspects of the art, the societal implications and influences, historical influences, aristocracy vs bourgeois, the artists idiosyncrasies, and more. Very personable and interactive...not just standing there lecturing. Very pleasant personality and charming as well. Highly recommend her to anyone from those with little knowledge of the art to those more sophisticated.

Milo T.

13 days ago
We had Boris as our guide and he was awesome! Punctual and so approachable. Extremely knowledgeable and gave us so much insight to the painting ha, the building itself, and much more. We wished we could have more time to listen to all he knew. Great experience and would highly recommend.

Dominique B.

19 days ago
Excellent visit, an exceptional, cultured guide whose very didactic and progressive approach fascinated us. A real good time with a guide far superior to those we have had on other occasions. For a first with Your application, you have made us loyal! Thanks again Boris!

Yvonne P.

20 days ago
6 days in Paris with a group of 6 adults/young adults, saw all the sights, museums. We unanimously agreed that this tour with Mila R was the highlight! Felt like a walking college art history tour with top professor. Fast paced, lively, loaded with context. Only regret is we wished we could have added an hour, then taken Mila to lunch. She is a lovely person and fantastic guide.

Cyrille C.

about 1 month ago
With the background of our guide Lily,our tour was spent connnecting art to the political and cultural events of the time period. Lily was extremely well educated in art history and we were able to appreciate the art we saw and understand how it fit in with the time period. This tour was definitely the highlight of our time in Paris!!!

Laura V.

about 2 months ago
Our tour guide, Melissa (could be spelling wrong), was the best in France! We considered going back again just for her. The way she connected us to the material, walked us through the progressions of styles chronologically, and the light hearted approach she took was fantastic. Truly a kind, thoughtful guide, 5 stars!

Alphonse J.

about 2 months ago
Our original time to meet the tour guide was on the morning of Tuesday, October 9. Because of the threat of a general strike, the museum did not open at the correct time. Our guide met us, however, and we agreed to meet again at 2 PM in the afternoon. Anya gave us an excellent tour. She taught us the history of art from classical through to modern times in her 2 hour tour.. We were most impressed with her and her delivery. We would give her the highest rating.

Lydie A.

about 17 hours ago
This made the museum more interesting to me, to learn about the paintings and the artists, and the history of the impressionist movement. Our guide was very informative and obviously cared about what he was describing. A good way to see the the highlights of the museum, and then we had time afterwards to stay as long as we looked and see more. Highly recommended!

Marielle M.

7 days ago
I don't remember the name of the tour guide sadly ( I know it was the lady from East Europe who grew up in Florida ) and she was just fabulous. She made it really interactive and interesting for all ages and even for people who did not know much such as my young daughter. Thank you very much for such a memorable experience

Valentine C.

8 days ago
The best tour guide! Wish we could have him again - funny, knowledgeable, patient, and maximized our time in the museum and then some. It was like a crash course (or refresher) in art history, but interest and accessible for everyone. Can’t say enough about it - do it!

Christiane T.

9 days ago
Took the tour on September 29th. Loved the experience. We were a small group of 5 people, which made it even better. Our guide was very knowledgeable and her passion for art was evident in her narrative. Learnt a lot about impressionism and neo-impressionism. Two hours is definitely not enough to cover such a vast topic and all the treasures at d'Orsay - but I would have been quite lost and missed important pieces if I hadn't taken this tour. Definitely recommended!

Abélia F.

13 days ago
This guided tour started really well when our guide, Claire, skipped the line with our group and we went right in at 9:30am. I like that she started the tour promptly. Claire gave an excellent review of the French painting from the mid 1800s to the First World War. This museum is beautiful and much easier to navigate with a knowledgeable guide

Angèle J.

about 1 month ago
Our guide provided a wonderfully coherent overview to the Musee d Orsay. She was very knowledgable and conveyed her comments on each painting with insight and clarity. She was constantly aware of the group and encouraged and answered questions fully. She did a wonderful job and is a credit to your organization.

Emmanuelle M.

about 11 hours ago
Tina was an extremely wonderful tour guide. I went on a tour with 3 others on a Sunday morning, and this small group was perfect. Tina was very knowledgeable about art history but presented the tour in a way that allowed us to learn about the pieces in the context of French history and the changing culture of art. I would highly recommend it to others.

Sabine C.

8 days ago
Felix was an exceptional adviser on the Musée d'Orsay . His insight to the artworks and interesting facts behind the history of the artists was amazing. It was exceptional to have such insights delivered in such a meaningful and understandable way. I would recomend Felix in the most highly terms. Look forwrad to seeing more of Paris with Felix's guidance.

Amanda B.

11 days ago
My fiancé and I took a tour with Belen. In one word: fantastic. She was passionate and extremely knowledgeable. As we walked through Musee d'Orsay, she gave us a unique insight into the lives of the artists and walked us through history. We learned an extraordinary amount from her, and would specifically recommend Belen to everyone.

Julia C.

12 days ago
I gave our guide, Oliver, a very difficult task to help me recreate my year as a student in Paris. He was charming, knew his art history, got us in and out of the museum on time. This guided tour was a total self-indulgence on my part. I was short on time and visiting Paris for perhaps the final time. It was a treat to be a "student" once again. The only negative is that the company expected me to "review" the tour immediately. I was enjoying a trip and kept my "internet" time to a minimum. Let a client get home before requesting a review! Please don't send repeated requests. If a client enjoyed your services, they will post as soon as they are able. Thank you, Oliver!

Jean-Baptiste B.

13 days ago
Fantastic tour with a very competent and humorous tour guide. Felix was absolutely great.

Marine B.

17 days ago
Alex is the best tour guide by far we’ve ever had! Inspired us to appreciate art at a different level all together! So passionate and so gracious in taking time to explain everything to us.. if Alex is your guide, your in the best hands possible! What an experience with him, we loved every minute of it.. only regret was it was too short, that too after 3.5 hours with him! I’d describe it as OUTSTANDING in one word, really blew us away!!

Fabrice G.

about 1 month ago
Wonderful visit of the museum with a guide of great competence, with whom we were able to appreciate the beauty of the works and the little history in addition. Thank you for these unforgettable moments

Nicolas S.

about 1 month ago
Our delightful guide was prompt, pleasant and very considerate. He was interesting and articulate. He had a well-considered plan for the tour of this great museum so that we could grasp the topic in a way that makes it possible to remember it. We definitely left with a greater knowledge of artists from late 19th century France than when we arrived. All-in-all, our tour was a wonderful experience and my husband and I consider this time and money very well-spent.

Anne A.

about 2 months ago
This was an absolutely wonderful experience! Our guide Belen was extremely knowledgeable and patient. We had two young children with us and she was able to engage them and educate them all at the same time. I can’t say enough about how great our tour was! Five stars!

Suzanne B.

about 2 months ago
Excellent. We had Lillie as our guide. She was super knowledgeable and helped us connect the dots between what was occurring socially to what was being painted at the time. She navigated the floors perfectly. She included some history that connected France to the US. Highly recommend the guided tours.

Fabien B.

about 5 hours ago
Raphaelle is very knowledgeable and engaging. She gave us an amazing understanding in a brief time and made it interesting.

Florentin L.

10 days ago
Our guide Nadia was excellent! Perfect english, so knowledgable and engaging. We had a great time, even our 14-old loved it!

Élodie C.

13 days ago
Marcel was very informative and enjoyable to listen to. We had a wonderful time and learned a lot!

Iseult B.

18 days ago
Marcel was excellent. We learned more in 2 hours with him over us spending many days going through by ourselves. Highly recommend this tour!

Leslie B.

about 1 month ago
Nadia was a great tour guide who knew just what to show us. She also had a great grasp of the details and history of the art, the artists and the relevant periods. Tres Bien!

Peggy R.

about 12 hours ago
Guide very well prepared on the history and works of art of the museum, engaging for the whole family has been able to maintain a high level of attention even of the smallest; punctual and very kind

Cécile C.

11 days ago
Very good approach to the Impressionists and the Museum for a first discovery for teenagers

Lola P.

13 days ago
We had a fabulous visit with Ivan at Orsay Museum. I was with my two boys aged 6 and 7 years and they loved knowing about artists and art history. He broke the ice by discussing football with them. He presented and spoke with a lot drama just like a great story teller. I totally recommend Ivan.

France B.

about 7 hours ago
Valerie was a first-rate guide for the Museum. She taught us so much regarding the context of the artists/painters. She gave us all a fine and eeeper understanding of what we werre looking at. We continue to talk about what tremendous luck we had finding your organization and having Valerie as our guide.

Yolande C.

13 days ago
Lucineia was fabulous! So informative and made the museum very interesting for my 8 yr old daughter. In fact, Zoe said this was one of her favorite things she did in Paris!
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