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Prague F.

2 days ago
Dinner on Vlatva is what you need after a hard week! Of course, there are a lot of tourists around at this dinner, and it's a little noisy, but the view is just magical! We couldn't enjoy the music, the accordion playing was drowned out by the buzz around. As for food and drinks, the prices for drinks are very affordable.

František N.

5 days ago
Staff were welcoming and great atmosphere. Nice glass of Prosecco on arrival. Prompt start to the trip with lovely views and great service. Live music was great. Food was lovely and a good selection to offer. Overall and amazing night. Would do it again


8 days ago
We had a great boat ride on the Vltava River. Dinner, drinks separately.Everything is very tasty. The route passed through the most colorful places on the river. A cute musician, grandpa, played the accordion and sang on the boat. In general, I recommend it to everyone, a great way to admire the beauty of Prague from an unusual angl

Melichar D.

10 days ago
Very easy and straight forward. Accessed the boat in good time. Met at the entrance by the wonderful staff. We was given our glass of bubbly on arrival and was shown to our seats. We was upgraded to a window seat as one became available once the boat departed from the pier. The Prague Duo sang all night with a great female singer and a male playing the keyboard. Perfect music to listen and dance to. The food on board was amazing and so tasty. The staff were very attentive and happy to serve you with a smile. A fantastic all round experience. It even snowed whilst travelling on the river.

Oleg N.

13 days ago
It was a lovely calm experience , the band were excellent and the food good. As a lone traveller however, it was not for me, a shorter more focused boat trip would have been better, it was full of groups and couples who knew better than me about the boat!

Kenley E.

15 days ago
Everything was very well organized. Very good seating, excellent and rich buffet. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. The live music was also excellent. The singer had a great voice. I can recommend this excursion without any ifs and buts.

Bruno Ř.

16 days ago
Booked a three hour cruise for the four of us to celebrate my daughters 18th Birthday during a weekend visit. The staff greeted us as we got into the boat with a complimentary glass of Prosecco and showed up to our table. We booked one of the window seat but was upgraded to one of the other tables at the front of the boat. However the boat is full of glass and no matter where you sit you get a good view. We all had such a fantastic time just relaxing, looking at the sights and listening to the music. There was a good choice of hot and cold food which was of an excellent standard. The beef goulash was absolutely amazing. The only comment I would add is we wished we did the two hour tour, not only because we had a long day and was quite tired but for approximately the last hour of the trip the boat appeared to go up and down the river in the same area to make up the remaining time. Overall we all enjoyed the evening and would do it again. Highly recommend.

Kvido R.

17 days ago
We thoroughly enjoyed this cruise. Prague at night is absolutely magical and the three hours went very quickly thanks to the wonderful jazz trio which was playing that night. The staff was really friendly. The food was good. We were not being blasted with a tourist description of every monument (we had done our walking tour during the day already). This was a quiet, romantic and absolutely enchanting evening.

Domenico M.

19 days ago
Vltava River Nigth Cruise was ok. But it was disappointing not to get a table by the window, when we arrived at the boat. It was av very big boat, with tables both by the window, and in the middle row. Because we had not reserved table by the window (we didn't know that this was possible, lack of information at the website?) we were placed on the middle row. The food was good (buffet), and it was a great view from the top (outside) on the boat. Spesially when it got dark, and we got close to the Carl's Bridge. The waiters were attentive and service minded. All in all a nice excursion.

Milan P.

22 days ago
It was lovely, albeit quite hot. The food varied: mozarella was meh and the fried chicken was rather unsalty, however the ham and the sausages were quite delicious. Prices in the bar are as expected for this - a tad pricier than pubs in the city centre. The service is polite and nice. The music players are nice as well.

Laila O.

22 days ago
We really enjoyed the boat ride. The buffet was good and everyone could find something for themselves. There was also enough for everyone, so a “buffet storm” was really not necessary. Our waiter was attentive and friendly. We personally found the musical accompaniment (guitarist and violinist) really great, but if you want an audio-accompanied ride, this is not the right place. There are no explanations and you just have to find out for yourself which buildings you pass, etc. That didn't bother us. If you want an entertaining evening boat trip with a nice buffet, this is the place for you.

Prokop B.

29 days ago
We thoroughly enjoyed our first night in Prague with this boat-trip. The entertainment was entertaining, bravo to the piano guy who played bohemian rhapsody perfectly. There was a good selection of food at the buffet and we got to see some great views of night time Prague, we got a window seat which I think is worth the extra money. This is a great start to your Prague adventure.


11 days ago
The atmosphere is certainly very nice, the food nothing special. to improve. If they had provided us with the "map in 16 languages" we would have understood what we were seeing.


13 days ago
Average activity. The waitresses were very rude and indisposed, only one of the waiters, the only man in the room was the most polite and courteous. The girl at the reception proved to be very professional and, at some of my requests she behaved professionally and with a lot of education. Good food, wide choice of typical foods and a wide assortment of "international"food. A little unbalanced the cost of drinks but unfortunately in these events there is. Overall a decent experience. The room and the toilets were very clean.


14 days ago
Food was good and there was plenty of music, very good. Overall, it was loud on the boat...but that couldn't be avoided with so many people.


14 days ago
Very nice cruise with an elegant and silent boat. Very good quality buffet bringing together different Czech specialties. A must-see when visiting Prague.

Bruno A.

19 days ago
No boarding information arrived 1 hour before wrong orientation of the platform which meant we had to be the last on board knowing that we were on the opposite side, platform 3 display board, platform 3 ticket and after 45 minutes in line we were informed that it This is platform 1…


about 1 month ago
too bad that for the buffet we spend too much time serving ourselves

Gwenda G.

about 1 month ago
The boat was nice and comfortable with places to sit inside and on the roof. The bar and food were very nice. There was so much to see and the guide was very informative but there was also time relax without listening to information. We were given a map which was very good to see the route and know what we had seen. Very good value for money

Priscilla P.

about 2 months ago
Beautiful evening. We took the most expensive ticket, we were almost all couples, very romantic. Being a buffet service there was a lot of mess to serve yourself, the only flaw.

Anežka K.

3 days ago
The audio guide can be improved. An individual guide would be better. Plus the guide did not mentioN all the monuments on the sides of the river, it was very short. I found out after we finished that there was a brochure with much more information that was not distributed among the passengers !!

Květoslava M.

11 days ago
Great experience . Forget the food , you can still buy coffee , drinks on board without the issues referred to by others who booked evening cruises with food included. Same trip , have something either side ,there are plenty of eating places not too far away.

Jeroným Z.

12 days ago
in the evening and the lights really worth it. pity that on a hot dday they didnt come and offer the available refresments as you dont want to walk about nor give up your seats on a sightseeing tour. ordering by qr code would also be an idea. other than that really worth it. btw make sure you show your codes at the ticket office and get your physical ticket otherwise you will not be accepted on the boat!!

Alexandra V.

13 days ago
The evening cruise was a perfect way to see prague . We went in October and it was warm enough to sit upstairs outside but rug up .there was a bar on board so we could even enjoy a glass of wine . The audio commentary was fine and as usual in several languages including English

Valentýn Z.

24 days ago
Michal was an excellent guide/host. He is a local - born and raised here in Prague so he was familiar with the sites to see as well as deep knowledge of those sites. We learned so much from him today. He was very personable and curious about where we came from too. He was open to many questions and had fulsome responses. I would recommend this tour and Michal with no hesitations. You won't e disappointed

Eliška S.

28 days ago
This was a nice way to end our day of exploring Prague on foot. The views of the city at night are astonishing - however don't expect anything too fancy with this tour. Personally I think it's a wonderful way to end a long day and see the city from a different perspective. It's nothing too fancy, but worth the money. The audio guide isn't really a guide - it's just information through speakers in like 7 different languages so sometimes it was hard to make out what was being said since we had a rather loud group of tourists on the boat with us. This is in no way criticism towards the actual tour - just something to have in mind before booking :) definitely worth the money though!

Klára T.

30 days ago
The evening cruise was absolutely beautiful. The boat was comfortable and had an at seat drink service. The tour narration was enough to make it interesting but not so much that it was intrusive. And the views were beautiful. There are a few small steps to go up to the top deck but we managed it no problem with two buggies. Our one regret is that we didn’t take the cruise slightly earlier to catch the sunset but if you’re looking for a relaxing enjoyable activity to end the day with I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Petra K.

about 1 month ago
The boat is really comfy and it is warm there, you can order some drinks. The audioguide is running very quietly from the speakers onboard, and it's almost impossible to hear something when more people are talking. Overall this is a very nice experience in Prague and i would totally recommend it.

Emil K.

about 1 month ago
It was a lovely cruise. You will have to figure out the landmarks on your own as the recorded audio guide could not be heard over the engine noise and people talking. We took the last time slot when the buildings were illuminated against the dark sky.

Leopold S.

about 1 month ago
The boat is beautiful, modern and clean. The boat moves very very slow, hence it’s electric, therefore you don’t cover much area. You can easily see everything we saw just by standing on the Charles bridge. The ride is lovely and not expensive, so it’s good for the price. Don’t expect to see much though. Also take the 8:30 boat as you see the sun go down.

Darja H.

about 1 month ago
The evening boat ride for $14 per person for a 50 minute ride was worth it and reasonably priced. My friend and I went on the 7:30 p.m. time slot, which was perfect as we were able to see Prague Castle glow. It was chilly on Friday, 9/16/22 when we went, so dress accordingly. There were also drinks being served at the bar. This is a great activity to wind down for the day after a day full of exploring Prague.

Viktorie K.

2 months ago
My wife and I went on the night cruise after reading other reviews. It was a lovely experience on a lovely boat. It was nice to see Prague lit up and from a view point you would not have been able to see unless via this trip. Just the right length of time too.


10 days ago
very good, very cozy, small setting, great atmosphere, absolutely motivated staff and the musicians ditto, delicious food, delicious drinks (ordered and already there) - again at any time


13 days ago
Really nice atmosphere, the band was amazing. Service was excellent, good food do not expect a lot.. delicious wine. The boat was beautiful all was amazing. Really recommend


14 days ago
It was a really very cozy, pleasant and interesting evening, accompanied by a great live jazz music and tasty meals.


about 1 month ago
A very beautiful experience which leaves us with a superb memory. Bravo to the musicians who enjoy playing. I highly recommend.


about 2 months ago
Great food, great music and a really cozy atmosphere. The staff were super friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the evening.

Vincent E.

about 2 months ago
Very good! Good food, the dishes were wonderful. Top quality music and perfect service!! I highly recommend it!


about 2 months ago
a wonderful experience. The atmosphere couldn’t have been better. The trio played a range of jazz classics and modern grooves with great aplomb. Our fellow guests were social and fun to be with. I think we all felt privileged to be there.


2 days ago
The cruise was very good, the music too. The staff were very friendly and nice. The snack is good, not excellent, but it's not the point of the experience.

Jindřich K.

9 days ago
All in all the cruise was good. Would recommend doing the cruise at night as the views all lit up are definitely more stunning than the daytime. The boat was amazing, electric so you don't hear the motors and can take in the surroundings, The only down fall was the tiny dribble of prosecco you get and "snacks" was a packet of breadsticks. This could be improved for sure.

Lothar B.

12 days ago
Really nice boat, however it was really cold and so if you wanted to comfortably see the city at night you needed to sit inside. Inside seating didn’t provide great views like it did on the roof. So I had to go back and forth for photos because it was so cold! Keep that in mind if you are going in the wintertime/early Spring. We also lost good seats because they placed us in a separate line to get Prosecco, so others were seated first. We could’ve done without the Prosecco and gotten better seats by the window. Also, people were too loud to hear the loudspeaker that talked about what we were looking at.


15 days ago
Very well organized, very well cared for and very well because of the landscape enlivened by live music.....great!!! I will repeat if I visit Prague again!

Valentýn P.

about 1 month ago
Very nice experience! I gave it to both myself and my boyfriend. The time I chose was at 7pm so it was very nice and romantic to "navigate" the Vltava river with all of Prague lit up. At the entrance they offered us a nice glass of prosecco and offered some breadsticks. Experience to try ☺️

Kristin P.

about 1 month ago
It was a good experience with the cruise, however I wasn't much satisfied with the Prosecco and so called small snacks (which they told like one for one ticket eventhough we are two people). However it was a good time on the cruise. Take only the cruise ticket, because the Prosecco and the breadsticks doesn't really worth 10-12€ extra.

Pavel K.

about 2 months ago
We had a great time on this cruise. Views are spectacular, and the boat was so quiet so everything was extremely peaceful

Nikolas D.

about 2 months ago
The 2 euros for 1 mini sip of prosecco are total tourists nepp. Star deduction that you have to queue at the cash desk despite the online ticket, which is exchanged for a ticket for boat access. The trip is as beautiful as Prague and the multilingual information is good

Alexander A.

2 days ago
Whilst the weather was against us with heavy rain this did not detract from a fantastic evening. With the 100th centennial celebrations we had front row vision of the spectacular fireworks display from the river. The boat was not too busy, welcomed with a drink and staff who were attentive and friendly. Bread and delicious garlic dip. Food was plentiful with great choice and all of it looked delicious what I ate certainly was. A fantastic choice of cheeses, go hungry because you’ll be stuffed when you disembark. Very reasonable bar prices. Boat clean all over. Live music was amazing, I’m not a fan of jazz however their playing and choice of pieces were wonderful. This was a surprise trip for my friends special birthday and we had the best night,

Bonnie H.

11 days ago
What a delightful evening, transfers were great, driver friendly and helpful and ensured we got on the right boat. The cruise was great, up through the lock with wine and food flowing. A great selection of food, we had salad / cheeses / ham for starter, then there was a selection of tradition Czech foods for mains - beef goolash, breaded chicken etc, with mash, rice or spaghetti. All followed by deserts, chocolate cake, strudel or cheeses / fruits. Staff were really friendly and attentive, overall a great night!

Dolores B.

15 days ago
Lovely cruise with great food. The transfers from our hotel were very handy! (Ring/email them in advance!) the buffet was great, although it is a huge rush to the food and every question up with no order with a hand an hour queue for hot food. Instead we went to the salad bar first (no queue) are that, then went to the hot food next when there was no queue by then. Plenty of food (plus extra) dsp no worries about anything running out. Stunning views! Try to get a seat in the side for the best views and not under the cover. But you can't reserve seats so first in best dressed!!! Dessert was average, but the rest was fantastic!
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