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Sagrada Familia: Guided tour with Tower Access

Discover the Barcelona's most remarkable monument on a tour to the Sagrada Familia Basilica - one of the most impressive Catholic churches in the world. Take in the passionate laconysm of Gaudi's expression from the inside and enjoy skyline cityscapes from one of its renowned towers.
1 hrs 30 min
Group size up to 13 persons
Mobile ticket
Full refund for cancellations up to 24 hours
Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund

Take a knowledgeable guide on a tour of the La Sagrada Familia cathedral and enjoy a Barcelona's most famous landmark in the morning light.

During this tour you'll take in the bounty of Gaudi's genius. The Sagrada Familia is legendary for its striking architecture and art features. Antoni Gaudi, a modernist architect, was completely consumed by it. Construction began in 1882 and has not been completed.

During the tour, your guide will point out the different facades of the nativity and the passion. You will also learn about the Holy Family's representations and symbolism as a stone-built expression of Christian ideology, carved in stone.

As you learn about the history of the church, pay attention to the Christian iconography. The roof is supported by angled pillars that look like a web of tree branches.

The Museu Gaudi is located below the surface. Strolling through its rooms you'll discover some important information about Gaudi's life and work. Besides that, there is a viewing platform above the architect's burial site and a crypt where masses are held.

Important information:

  • Please bear in mind, that Sagrada Familia regulations postulate: minors(aged before 11) will not be provided with a headset
  • The guided tour takes 1.5 hour, after that you may go up the tower on your own, which usually takes about 30 minutes
  • You will be provided with an access only to one tower. An availability may vary due to the construction works
  • To go up the tower, you will use an elevator, but to go down, you should use the stairs
  • The tower may be closed due to the weather conditions
  • Some options of this tour are a bilingual tour, conducted simultaneously in Spanish and English
  • Children under 6-years-old are not allowed to entry the tower, even being accompanied

Not allowed:

  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Short skirts
  • Large bags or luggage
  • Shorts

from €69
per person
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What is included in activity

• Fast-track admission ticket
• Live commentary in english or spanish
• Access to one of the towers of the Sagrada Familia
• Private tour

What is not included

• Hotel pickup and drop-off

What places you will see

the Sagrada Familia

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Reviews by travellers
4.9 out of 5
914 reviews
Maria I.
Tour guide (Clara) met us promptly and was very informative at every step of the tour. She knew the history of the Sagrada Familia and so much of the back story. We walked through the interior, stopping at several important points where we were given background and highlights that enhanced our appreciation of the basilica. We ended the tour by taking the elevator up the tower and walking down the 400+ steps, enjoying great views on the way.
3 days ago
Nayara D.
Book in advance in a must. We arrived to meet our guide, there was confusion of how many people were booked with Amigos tours and the guide asked if 2 people in the group would wait until the later session 2 hours later at 5.30pm. None of us volunteered and the office was contacted and asked to speak with named people in the group. Eventually 45 minutes later we was all allowed in. Sagrada Familia inside is absolutely amazing, spectacular and stunning. we had audio guide inside and it felt a little rushed (which I think was due to the delay getting into the church) The group was divided at the end for the tower view. We was refused entry for the towers due to it being too late? Which was very disappointing and the guide asked us to contact the office to get a refund for the towers. We was refunded £10 for 2 people? But it wasn't about the money it was about the whole experience of visiting the church and towers.
9 days ago
Imran A.
Our tour guide was great. The beginning of the booking was a little disjointed due to late comers. The tour guide knew quite alot about the site, as well as Barcelona in general. She made getting through the security checkpoint very easy for us. Would recommend getting the tower access.
11 days ago
Isaac C.
Tour guide was brilliant. The tour started 30 minutes late though due to security checks which was quite frustrating with the waiting. Hey nice we were in though it was smooth sailing. Very short tour for the price and we purchased this ticket for the tower tour however it was closed.
12 days ago
Sebastian C.
Guide was awesome and very knowledgeable! I cannot imagine visiting the cathedral without a guide now as he offered a lot of insight. It was easy to hear because we had headphones too. We were not allowed tower access unfortunately but the guide made up for it by extending our tour. This cathedral is unlike anything you'll ever see. It's a must visit!!
13 days ago
Ramon C.
We had an incredible time touring the cathedral. Our guide was a Barcelona born woman who handled the large group very well. In spite of the crowds all around, she gave an excellent presentation of the history and all aspects of this amazing place. I strongly recommend that you do not do this place on your own with just the headsets. The tour offers a far more immersive experience. Also, don't skip the tower access. Yes it's 100 steps above the elevator and then 400 steps down but it's not that hard. The circular stairwell is narrow and a bit too dark, but there are several stopping points to pause and see that view. Plus you are literally facing the workers building the latest columns. Please don't pass up this tour!
14 days ago
Mariona R.
The meeting point was clear and the waiting Guides friendly and approachable. We were given lots of information about La Sagrada Familia in an informal and interesting way. Once in La Sagrada Familia the Guide gave us plenty of time to marvel whilst still guiding us and telling us stories of the various points within the basilica.
30 days ago
June C.
We were guided by Manou. And she was a great guide! Telling us in English about the Sagrada Familia in a very interesting way. One thing was hard to miss, is that many of the people sitting in front of the altar were sitting in a very innaprpriate way. It was written that it's a place of prayer. But many sitting with crossed legs, and guys one leg above the other, relaxing. I think guides can also help in this matter if they mention this and stress on appropriate behavior just as they asked to remove caps and sunglasses. By the way, the voucher said no shorts/dresses/sleevless tops, but many people entered the cathedral without issues. Unfortunately, I think it has become a more commercial place just so they can collect money for ths project. It was a bit sad.
about 1 month ago
Julen L.
We booked a 9:30 am tour on a Friday morning and it was a great time to visit. Maybe the light wasn’t ideal but it was still very beautiful. Our tour guide was very informative and we thought the information provided was fabulous and not too much. Beautiful place, unlike anything we’ve ever seen!
about 1 month ago
Aleix P.
The Sagrada Familia tour was pretty decent. Lots of cool things to see and explore if you can. I think not having the actual ticket was a problem because we were kind of encouraged to go all at the same time, but it was workable. Every one should know beforehand that you should have a one euro coin to store your belongings in the locker to go up the tower. As far as the tour, yea it was nice, but I expected more. It felt a little brief for my liking. Not having to wait in line did help a lot, wish we could have gotten in before everyone else though. Individuals get in before groups.
about 1 month ago
from €69
per person
Quickly disassembled. Hurry up!
Likely to sell out. Book in advance!
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