Vardzia - Rabati - Borjomi

Vardzia‎‎- Cave monastery complex of XII-XIII centuries in the south of Georgia, in ‎‎Javakheti.‎‎ An outstanding monument of medieval Georgian architecture. It is located in the Aspindz district ‎‎of the Samtskhe-Javakheti‎‎region, in the valley ‎‎of the Kura‎‎ River (Mtkvari), about 100 km south of the city ‎‎of Borjomi.‎‎
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For 900 m along the left bank of the ‎‎Kura‎‎ in the steep tuff wall of Mount ‎‎Erusheti‎‎ (Bear) carved up to 600 rooms: churches, chapels, residential cellies, storerooms, baths, refectory, treasury vaults, libraries. The premises of the complex go 50 meters deep into the rock and rise to a height of eight floors. Hidden passages connecting the premises, the remains of the water supply and the irrigation system have been preserved. In the center of the monastery is the main temple in honor‎‎ of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.‎‎

The temple of the hall type is covered with a box vault (on the arches) and decorated with pilasters, on the walls there are unique fresco paintings (including images of King George III and Queen Tamar, 1180s, master George). Of great historical and artistic value are the frescoes of the ‎‎Dormition of the Mother of God,‎‎Ascension and Transfiguration. The ensemble of ‎‎the vardzia‎‎ monastery was created mainly in 1156-1205, during the reign of George III and his‎ daughter ‎‎of Queen Tamara.‎‎ Located on the southwestern border of Georgia, the monastery-fortress blocked the gorge of the Kura River from the invasion of the Iranians and Turks from the south. At that time, all the premises of the monastery were hidden by a rock, with the surface they were connected only by three underground passages, through which large detachments of soldiers could appear completely unexpectedly for the enemy. In 1193–1195, during the war with the Seljuk Turks, ‎‎Queen Tamara ‎‎was with her court in ‎‎Vardzia.‎

Fortress Rabat-Southern outpost of Georgia‎

‎On a small hill, near the bank of the quiet river ‎‎Potskhovi, rises‎‎the main attraction of the town of ‎‎Akhaltsikhe‎‎ — the ancient stone ‎‎fortress of Rabat.‎‎ Its name comes from the Arabic language and means "fortified place". It is located on the western outskirts and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. Built in the XIII century, this military structure has seen a lot in its lifetime. The fortress was repeatedly destroyed, was often under siege, and eventually absorbed traces of various cultures and religions. In 2012, a large-scale reconstruction took place here, after which ‎‎the Rabat‎‎ fortress in ‎‎Akhaltsikhe ‎‎appeared as a city in the city. At the same time, it has become not only a historical monument, but also a real cultural center of the city. Within the walls of the fortress there is a church, a mosque, a synagogue, a small park, a historical museum, various shops, a hotel and even a registry office.‎

‎The history of the fortress of Rabat goes back centuries, and no one can say exactly when the first fortification appeared. It is reliably known that in the XII century the princely family ‎‎of Jakeli‎‎ built the first real fortress here, and it became their family residence for 300 years. Interestingly, when they built this fortress, it began to be called ‎‎"Akhaltsikhe",‎‎which means "New Fortress".This name has preserved the city that stretches near its walls to this day.‎


‎The resort town of Borjomi‎‎ is located in the south-west of ‎‎Georgia.‎‎ It stretches along the coast of the Kura River for 5 kilometers. In the old town of high-rise buildings a little, the main part of residential buildings are houses of the 19th century. Rest in ‎‎Borjomi has ‎‎always been attractive for Russians and other tourists. Nature fascinated, and mineral springs promised health and youth.‎

‎Borjomi Resort‎‎ ‎

‎Back in the 19th century, thanks to the healing springs, a resort appeared in ‎‎Borjomi. ‎‎ From where only noble and famous people did not come to cure their diseases and have a good time.‎

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