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Jan-Joost S.

2 days ago
A reminder from the Company early in the morning, thankfully we were well organised and aware of the bookings, however an ideal reminder and gratefully received. To begin we walked to the Rijksmuseum, presented our on line booking forms, scanned and in we went. The floors are divided into particular eras, extremely well laid out with either stair or lift access and well signed. Some beautiful Work’s of art on display by famous and less well known artists, mostly by Dutch painters, but works by other nationalities also on display. Definitely a must visit whilst in Amsterdam

Wouter v.

10 days ago
The museum and the boat tour were both 5 stars and it was great to book both in one place. I only gave this 4 stars though because it wasn’t made clear that you were supposed to show up to view the museum first at 0900 and then go check in to get your boat tour later. The people who worked in the boat tours building helped me out and explained it to me better. It was a shame that I wasted nearly an hour figuring it out though.

Evert-Jan O.

10 days ago
The Canal Cruise was beautiful and a good way to see Amsterdam's canals. The only thing I had an issue with was not being able to hear the guide very well with my headphones, but that may have just been mine. The Rijksmuseum was fantastic, very large so maybe prioritise the areas that you wish to see most. I loved learning about the trade history of Amsterdam in the 1600's

Mayke H.

12 days ago
The excellent museum is so big that it is a bit difficult to get around inside, so I recommend the audio guide. It is close to the city center. I recommend visiting it early in the morning, it is less crowded and so you can leave the afternoon to visit other sites.

Henk-Jan L.

15 days ago
The 60mins canal cruise was very pleasant. The skipper even dropped us off at the museum. The museum was excellent. We used the audio guide to find the 'highlights'. It was very informative, but we found it quite difficult to understand its directions around the museum. So we had to keep asking the very friendly staff.

Hendrik-Jan v.

19 days ago
Even though we bought 9am tickets to the Museum, they still let us in an hour and a half later. It took us quite a bit of time to figure out the city transportation, but definitely worth it. The canal cruise was average. You sit very low in the boat and your view is limited. The windows were not clean and no refreshments. The captain was pretty good at supplementing the pre-recorded guide. Overall, very interesting, but I would go for a separate cruise. And get it early, as the dinner cruise I wanted sold out!

Liene L.

26 days ago
The Rijksmuseum is a must for anyone anyone visiting Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful space with much to see. Wonderful, memorable paintings and just a joy to walk around. Don’t leave without a piece of Dutch apple cake in the cafe. It’s delicious. The canal cruise was ok. Confused where to board but otherwise it’s a large canal boat and takes you around the canals. The audio is available in lots of Languages and seemed ok. Audio quality not HD but perfectly ok for the purpose. Seemed good value buying this ticket.

Suus S.

about 1 month ago
Easy to find departure point and the captain was very clear in her instructions before setting off on a great experience. Progress was smooth and clearly the person guiding the barge knew exactly what she was doing. Our only v slight criticism is that the pre-recorded audio guide via head phones was a bit brief. Otherwise a great experience.

Lennert v.

about 2 months ago
Great for your money. If you don’t understand english it may be a little hard on the canal tour. there is an audio tour in several languages but our guide made several corrections and side comments in english that others were not privy to due to the language barrier. overall great tho

Berend H.

about 2 months ago
Really good package, do the museum first as your time slot is for that rather than the boat. The boat leaves on the hour up until 6 pm so allow enough time to fit both in. Food and drinks not sold on the boat, so bring with you. Museum lunch was disappointing, small portions, a bit stale, overpriced but the actual museum was very interesting.

Twan S.

about 2 months ago
Hello, myself and my friends very much enjoyed the Rijksmuseum and the City Canal Cruise but i should let you know that the lady who served me in the office where i obtained our boat tickets was extremely unhelpful and did not want to engage with me and was reluctant to answer my questions. She also gave wrong information, i asked if we needed to book onto a particular trip and she said no, just turn up but when we arrived we found everyone else had booked and we were only let onto the boat after everyone else when they had found there were still spaces.

Willemieke G.

3 days ago
Our guide Faustina was excellent and very knowledge about the paintings and Van Gogh. Would highly recommend

Trijntje S.

11 days ago
Victoria was amazing. She had so much knowledge and passion for Van Gogh. She was very thorough in describing Van Gogh’s timeline and many transitions throughout his time as an artist. It was also fun to reminisce with a fellow Minnesotan. What are the odds?

Lotte T.

13 days ago
Our guide, Victoria, has a solid mastery of all things Van Gogh, and an infectious curiosity that leads to true appreciation for the personal and societal concerns that impacted the artist. Nearly as important, Victoria had the fortitude to lead our group directly through the throngs of ambling, photo-taking (and music-playing!) tourists right up to the art so that we could actually experience it as Van Gogh did (rather than hovering back in the cheap seats just hoping to get a brief glimpse). Victoria was able to actively engage with both Van Gogh novices and those who have clearly done a good bit of study, making the tour informative and entertaining for all. I've been on other tours with professorial guides and stuffy content, and this tour was thankfully the precise opposite of that. Highly recommend!

Marysa S.

15 days ago
After my experience with Victoria, I’ll never go to a museum without a guide again. Worth every penny.

Gudo E.

about 1 month ago
Our guide was so knowledgable on every Van Gough piece. Very insightful all around. Would recommend 100%

Niek K.

about 1 month ago
We had booked a small group tour (minimum two, max eight persons). Our guide, Faustina, was absolutely fantastic with her knowledge, and forthright access to the paintings - there was nothing about Vincent that she didn’t know. And to have get our group close and unobstructed access/viewing was really great!!! Her through life story and influences were very succinctly provided.

Niene P.

about 1 month ago
this was an exceptional museum. after seeing the movie depicting van gogh i was really excited to go here. unfortunately the skip the line option was not available. not sure if i paid extra for that or not. just a reminder to all, any museum in amsterdam requires purchasing tickets in advance especially if you have a specific date you want to go.

Lotje M.

about 1 month ago
We booked the tour as we missed out on getting tickets. However we absolutely loved it and was worth it. Melissa our guide was a wealth of information without it being too high brow. We learned loads and she was always on hand for local tips and recommendations. We got far more out of the museum than we would have ordinarily (as well as having a better time). Thanks Melissa!

Iemke Z.

about 1 month ago
Our guide (Hank) walked us right into the museum with no wait, he was well known by the museum staff. The original meeting place was a little unclear because we did the know the area, and it was about 300 yards from the entrance. But having an exclusive and experienced tour guide like Hank gave us enormous information and insight in a short period of time. For us it was worth the expense!

To v.

2 days ago
Overall it was a good experience. But for people who are not used to riding bikes, it can be quite a challenge. We didn’t expect to be traveling 25km during the tour so we were caught off guard. Thankfully we selected e-bikes, so it wasn’t as tough. I think there were too many people in the group also.

Peter-jan G.

9 days ago
This was a really interesting bike tour which took in a large part of the old part of Amsterdam. The tour guide, Bas, gave a good amount of information and made sure everyone was included. He tried hard to find a couple of people who lost the group but they found us late. Thank you, Bas, for an informative and enjoyable tour. It made Amsterdam a much more interesting city.

Ellemieke B.

10 days ago
I don’t remember our English speaking guide, but he was super nice , explained very well at every stop we did and he was always looking and waiting for the whole group. You wouldn’t be able to ride a bike in the city unless you have an experience guide.

Vincent K.

11 days ago
Very delightful 3-hour trip by bike around the entire city, from south to north and from east to west. Despite a very warm day it was a very nice and “easy” tour. Our guide (Rad) was very knowledgeable and nice. We had the tour on a Monday morning which was perfect from a traffic point of view (weekends are usually busier).

Jurriaan H.

13 days ago
We had a lovely time bicycling around Amsterdam. Even though we were here a few days prior to this tour we learned a lot and got a chance to experience what it is like to bicycle in a city filled with tons of bikes which is truly interesting and challenging to say the least. The tour guide was very nice and provided many a chance to stop and hear much about the different areas of the city and we had plenty of time to take pictures as well. We would definitely recommend this tour.

Willemijn G.

16 days ago
If you want to feel like a "real Amsterdammer" on a bike, you should book this tour. Very nice guide, seen a lot - BUT: the Dutchman doesn't know the 1.5 m overtaking distance, that's more like 0.5 m. Mostly you're on bike paths, where you split the road, it gets damn narrow. Our children are 8 and 12, so watching it as parents makes you sweat. Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult to follow the guide in full traffic, so a high-visibility vest or, for example, a flag on the bike would be useful.

Annemieke K.

about 1 month ago
High quality bicycles, great route. Our guide was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. Sometimes not easy to hear guide when group were not directly in front of him. 3 hours was the perfect duration. A suggestion would be to have the guide have a pole/flag with a volunteer having same at end of the chain of bikes as 3 times we lost those at the back.

Jurren W.

about 1 month ago
This was undoubtedly one of the best things we did. Bastion, our guide, was very understanding, knowledgable and laid the foundation to our holiday in Amsterdam as it was the first thing we wanted to do in the city. They also managed to secure a carrier for our child which made it more special. One of the top activity to do!

Ad t.

about 1 month ago
Must join if you like biking. The tourist guide Mr.Bas is very nice person. He explained the sights in great detail and paid attention to our safety. The owner of the bike shop is also very helpful and interesting. My sister and I enjoyed the tour very much. Can’t wait to join more tour through this app.

Doortje v.

about 2 months ago
What an experience to ride a bike in Amsterdam being a tourist, but definitely would repeat. We went to sides of the city that I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t gone in bike because of the distance. Also, visiting with a local provides you a better understanding and point of view of the pros and cons of living in such a remarkable place. The guide was super patient with all of us, considering the fact that riding a bike is not part of a day to day of some people.

Mirte K.

2 months ago
I've wanted to ride a bike around Amsterdam for years, so being able to do this tour was an absolute thrill. If you're not a regular cyclist, having a guide is by far the best and safest way to cycle the city. You don't have to worry about the road rules, where to go, checking a map, or getting lost! You can just totally focus on your surroundings. This makes the ride all the more relaxing and fun.

Robert-Jan t.

2 days ago
I booked the Spanish version bc the English one wasn’t available - I used to be fluent but no longer and and Facundo was great. I explained this to him and he spoke at a comfortable speed where I could understand most of what he said. He was also great in that he Kept asking if those of us who weren’t fluent had any questions and continued to make sure we were ok. I am glad I booked this tour with him even if I may have missed some of the details.

Fleurtje T.

10 days ago
The experience was very good, and the guide explained very well, you could tell that he likes it and is very nice. We have enjoyed a lot!

Huibert K.

13 days ago
Our guide was amazed at how well he explained every step of Van Gogh's life in parallel with his painting. In addition, the communication style was vibrant and entertaining.

Nard J.

15 days ago
Patricia's tour was amazing! He knew a great deal about the life of Van Gogh. He knew all her secrets and the supposed theories about her death. He made the tour quite entertaining! Super recommended!!

Jan-Willem V.

3 days ago
Paola was a knowledgeable and pleasant guide. While exploring the museum, I also learned much about the paintings and history of Amsterdam. One of the best guides I've had in the man cities I've visited.

Mart T.

4 days ago
My visit to Amsterdam was for only two nights. I’m an artist, so the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum were the most important attractions on my list. Due to its popularity, I wasn’t aware I had to purchase Van Gogh tickets in advance online. I was so disappointed. Luckily I found this small group tour and signed up. Our guide, Marjoke was very pleasant and informative. She spoke perfect English and was educated about art history. She took us on a very interesting tour with an educational backstory of the important pieces of art. I left the tour with a broader understanding of the art and Van Gogh himself. My only frustration was some of our participants were late and we had to use precious time waiting for them! Also, the tour didn’t include the special Rembrandt exhibition at the Rijks but luckily we were able to get tickets. That should be clear in the description. Marjoke was an excellent tour guide! I’d recommend this tour.

Lennerd H.

11 days ago
We had a great tour today with Anna to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh. We learned so much and she had such good stories and photos to share. We would do in heartbeat again.

Naut M.

15 days ago
The excellent, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable guide made our visit enjoyable and well worth it

Mert A.

16 days ago
The guide, i am not sure his name.. and Italian.. was excellent.. He not only knew a great deal about the paintings and the history, but he was friendly and helpful. By the time i got to the Van Gogh museum i could no longer walk. He got me a wheelchair and pushed me all through the museum. He helped us on the elevators and finding the facilities. He was the best. peace, Harriet

Tatiana E.

3 days ago
This ticket was worth the cost. The museum was wonderful but very crowded as it was a holiday. We were able to enter immediately. The canal cruise was better than expected. The head phones allowed passengers to be informed. The boat was full and the canals busy be at of the holiday.

Karst-Jan W.

8 days ago
The Van Gogh Museum was more than worth it, but the canal cruise was quite boring! We even upgraded to the Amsterdam Light Festival ticket for 8 euros/ticket and it was not worth the trip. I would have skipped the light tour altogether. If you want to go on a canal cruise I recommended to do it in the day time or better yet go on the tram and see the city... much cheaper and you see so much more of the city in a shorter time frame.

Maas K.

10 days ago
I loved the Van Gogh museum and learnt such a lot about him as an artist, from which artists and models inspired him. I was surprised at many things he did and was interested in finding out about his family and those that influenced him. Amazing man but full of tragedy.

Linneke J.

11 days ago
Planned a one day trip to Amsterdam for a birthday. Although we had to book the canal cruise upon arrival, the planning and explanation on the booking was very practical. We had no surprises and still had plenty of time leftover in our day to visit the city. The cruise was great and the museum, even as crowded as it was, ended being just what any Van Gogh enthusiast would hope the experience to be.

Ton W.

12 days ago
The museum is very good! I just would have liked two thinks: 1- related to the museum - the audio guide was really good even though I would have preferred an introduction on Van Gogh and an explanation on his artistic phases while we were moving across the levels of the museum. 2-i didn’t understand the the audio guide is related to the canal cruise and not to the museum. You can purchase the guide in the museum for 5 additional €

Bregje B.

13 days ago
Canal cruise: headset in local language was good, but there was two sources of information: headset in local language + guide in english. Information from the guide was very interesting but the mix of two information channels - sometimes even overlapping - was confusing. This should be optimized.

Peet H.

13 days ago
It was amazing to be able to view over 100 works of art painted by Vincent Van Gogh and learn about his life. Pre- booking is essential as there are only a few time slots to view the museum on offer if you have not ordered your tickets online in advance. For example we arrived at the Van Gogh Museum at 11.15am and the next free slot would have been 3.15 in the afternoon, but fortunately we had pre-booked.

Annelies B.

16 days ago
Getting the tickets really cut out time in line waiting to get in. However, the info on the ticket was very confusing. It needs to state clearly that you get in line AT THE MUSEUM at your appointed time. The address for the canal ride needs to indicate that this is for the canal ride only - not where you meet for the museum.

Katrijn B.

20 days ago
Worked well for us. Went straight to ticket office in Damrak central Amsterdam and got a boarding ticket for cruise. Decent one hour cruise to get a good feel of city from waterline level. Van Gogh ticket was essential as we saw walk-ups being turned away and told 'booked all week'.

Mirte Z.

21 days ago
Didn't use museum voucher, was concerned where and how to convert to ticket, so went online after contacting your site and bought timed entry ticket direct from VanGogh Museum. Did enjoy cruise when I discovered we could change the voucher and board right across the street from our hotel at Museumplein location.

Harrie O.

25 days ago
Cruise very good although directions to get there poor. Van Gogh museum excellent despite bad-mannered fellow visitors (standing directly in front of pics blocking view). Don’t miss BRILLIANT Millet exhibition downstairs - plenty of Van Gogh there too.

Godelieve P.

25 days ago
The only thing i have to underline Is that no skip the line ticket exists actually to access Van Gogh' s Museum. But we entered without problems...Furthermore i want to say that the boat trip was wonderful, especially thanks to the boatman and his talkative personality! Thank you again!

Marit M.

3 days ago
We chose the private tour because we are unable to catch the guided tour timing. We completed the private tour in about an hour. Main reason is our guide, Peter provided us with verbal explanation of van gogh life and how to look out for his works right at the beginning. so we navigating through the exhibits easily. Meet up is not difficult as he arranged to meet us outside a burger restaurant opposite the main entrance of the musuem. We enjoyed the tour and learn much on van gogh.

Anje K.

14 days ago
The organizational uncertainties (number of guests with the museum guide) unnecessarily confused us.

Huibert v.

3 days ago
Even without knowing a lot about art or specifically Van Gogh himself, this museum is truly a must. I would definitely recommend getting the audio guide there which was only €3.50 and we’ll worth it! Depending on how detailed you’ll want to be there it’ll take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours I’d say, I was there for about an hour and a half maybe more and there was still lots that I didn’t get to see so be prepared! Buying tickets beforehand sabes you a bunch of time so I’d definitely recommend that as well. I think the experience isn’t as good if you don’t get the audio guide in my opinion, the tickets I bought here didn’t include them but like I said getting them at the entrance was very easy and not too expensive, just a warning, they don’t take cash at the museum, it’s all by card (audio guide and any souvenirs form the museum shop)

Lies O.

6 days ago
Beautiful museum. Easy to get around to see the featured paintings. Great explanations about artists, paintings, etc. The paintings are displayed nicely, far enough apart to not feel to crowded and to allow for photos. Do not miss this museum if in Amsterdam. Both art lovers and non- art lovers will enjoy the ambience and beauty. Be sure to purchase your tickets on line as this venue sells out, especially in busy summer season.

Henkjan o.

8 days ago
Don’t miss this if you’re in Amsterdam! Definitely worth the visit. Plan 2h for the permanent exhibition on order to understand everything and take advantage of the audioguide and an additional 45min for the temporary exhibition-we saw Klimt and loved it!

Lindert G.

9 days ago
The museum has a series of tours set up for how much time or particular interest a visitor may have. We chose the “Highlights” tour, and thoroughly enjoyed the selections chosen for this tour. Of course, we had the option to see any other paintings too, not just those on the Highlights audio tour. The Museum staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable. The restaurant was good, there was an attended cloak room, and clean restrooms.

Hendrik-Jan E.

10 days ago
The museum was great! Staff was very friendly & welcoming. Just keep in mind to take your card with you because the souvenir shops don’t always take payments in cash; but that’s not a big problem. It was one of the best experiences in my life for sure.

Veerle T.

12 days ago
We enjoyed it and the audio guide was really great. I wish we’d had more time, but I learned a lot of new info and plan to learn more on my own. There was an interactive segment where you could “flip through” his sketch books that was neat. And the info about fellow artists and their influence on each other was also good. I wish they sold a combo booklet and the audio tape so it could be referred to ad lib later.

Pieter-Bas N.

16 days ago
I came to Amsterdam for Vince , I truly adore his work, some of his great work shown in thee Van Gogh museum and I love the presentation of his personal world described beautifully in the museum through his correspondence with Theo. Great experience, thank you! He lives forever in our hearts.

Steef S.

18 days ago
Amazing museum! I’d recommend getting the audio tour. I only did the highlights, which was about an hour and a half. Shared some very interesting insight into Van Gogh’s story and the information behind some of his most famous works. Highly recommended!

Marthijn F.

27 days ago
So thankful! Was able to get tickets the same day! Flight delay caused us to miss the first date scheduled. Shared company info with a guy buying a hot dog who noted how disappointed his wife was because tickets were sold out. He immediately started checking it out. Purchase process was super easy.

Luuk d.

about 1 month ago
Although the tickets for the day we wanted to go to Van Gogh museum were not available through the museum website, we could get the tickets. And the amount they charge is very reasonable.

Katrijn T.

about 1 month ago
It was a great museum to get acquainted with Van Gogh's work. Beautifully curated, I was able to see how thoughtfully they placed each piece if work to tell the ultimate story of Van Gogh. Showing the ticket provided via the app was effortless and hassle free. Glad to have done it.

Jette B.

about 1 month ago
The audio guide is very user friendly and enhances my understanding and enjoyment when I stare at my favourite artworks to a different level! I am glad I purchased my ticket before I left for my trip. I wish the Vincent Van Gough museum ticket is included into the one day traveller pass. Thanks.

Jos S.

2 days ago
You only know how nice it is Amsterdam seen by the canal view when your there. It is amazing the live within the channels, the amount of boats, the houses seen from bellow, and when going through the waterfront you really understand the bases of the city and how everything goes around and through this channels. The tour boat is good, and the voice comments interesting to better understand what you are seeing. Oh, and it is a good way to rest your legs for the next walk. If boat could be a kind of crowded if your looking for something more custom fit.

Trijntje H.

5 days ago
The cruise it self was good.The view from the canal is beautifull.The crew didn't understands what kind off vaucher we had on the mobile.When we arrived we hardly find a place to sit and in the end off the cruise he asked why we sit in the only place founded.

Lotte K.

6 days ago
It was a nice boat trip with plenty of information. View can be somewhat limited due to the roof and windows, particularly if sitting towards the aisle. Voice computer for multilingual explanations needed to be restarted once. But the captain provided lots of information in the meantime, and did also provide additional information thourhout the trip. The boat had a comfortable standard, with toilet as well. Rain protection was given. The roof is open during dry weather.

Sophie K.

9 days ago
The trip was really nice and organized. The tour departed on time and we were very happy with it. The audio guide gives the most relevant information and is well synchronised with the sights we were passing by. Its informative enough, but if you want to get more information regarding sights, you can google them additionally.

Greetje H.

10 days ago
Enjoyed this trip, was given a new pair of ear phones to listen to the audio, the driver also spoke in English to tell us some of the history of the buildings. Boat was nice and warm which was a bonus due to cold weather at the time. Arrive early so you get to sit next to the window.

Arjan L.

10 days ago
The canal trip was really a good experience. It covers most of the historical places by canals and the captain onboard was quite an amazing guy. The boat is never late and description of the places around are apt and available in different languages. I'd probably enjoy a bit more with canal water being more clear and a bluer sky. Guess that's fair as I decided to visit in November.

Florens G.

11 days ago
Great way to see Amsterdam and all the main buildings without the crowds of tourists on the roads. The audio guide was ok but quite brief. The captain told us other interesting things as we went around which were more in depth than the audio guide which was great. Highly recommended.

Marthijn B.

22 days ago
This cruise is a lovely way to see the city! Very relaxing and get to know interesting facts about Amsterdam. The staff are nice, we had our photo taken before getting on which they printed for us but it was €3 to purchase and they only took cash which we didn’t have otherwise I’d have bought it. That was the only shame but the cruise itself was lovely!

Klaas-Jan E.

25 days ago
The canal cruise tour was beautiful, and we enjoyed it very much. Finding the point of departure was slightly challenging. Our e-tickets instructed us to go to the pier across from the Heineken experience. We randomly asked an employee and were told we were at the right place. It would be helpful to include the name of the canal cruise tour company on the e-ticket.

Daan H.

about 1 month ago
This a great way to see the city from a different perspective via the famous canals. The cruise lasts the full time which is good value for money. Make sure to bring your own headphones that can be plugged in if you want to listen to the narration. Also, there isn’t anywhere to listen to the narration on the seats outside so sit indoors if you want that. Overall, an enjoyable experience that I would definitely recommend.

Berg B.

about 1 month ago
"It was a lovely experience floating through the canals. There are audio descriptions through headphones with many language options. The boat had a good sized toilet at the rear, which was more accessible than previous boat trips I have been on. I opted for the snack box which included a large packet of plain crisps, a small pack of salted peanuts, a bag of popcorn, a stroopwaffle, and a choice of drink. - If the boat is busy the seats are too close together and often get in the way of other passengers. Other passengers not being considerate. Talking too loudly. Captain had to tell them to be quiet. "

David H.

about 2 months ago
This was a great cruise option for our family! We purchased the snack bags which took some pressure off our timeline (didn't need to find a restaurant and feed the monsters, I mean kids, before going on the cruise). The kids also got their own activity bag and could listen to the kids version of the audio guide. We were all entertained for the entire trip. It was a great way to enjoy the canals!

Lisanne v.

3 days ago
Rolf is well studied in Van Gogh’s life, works and techniques. He speaks perfect English (having lived in NYC), and was able to quickly gauge our group’s intersest and tailor our visit accordingly. This is a very busy museum, particularly in the Summer, and having a guide like Rolf to manage your time, focusing on the interesting and important pieces was invaluable. Highly recommend!

Liesbeth B.

5 days ago
Rolf Schreuder was an excellent guide through the. An Gogh museum! When I booked the tour several weeks in advance, he immediately contacted me. He got a "No Wait" entry ticket. His tour was Excellent. He is energetic and very knowledgable about Vincent Van Gogh. You will definitely enjoy a trip around the museum with him

To B.

10 days ago
Rolf was an amazing tour guide thru the Van Gogh museum. His art history knowledge as well as Dutch history made the two hours very pleasant. We walked away with a wealth of information. Highly recommend taking this tour!

Ellen K.

15 days ago
Van Gogh in a 2hrs nutshell - perfectly presented by Mr Everet van Eijk - excellent knowledge very refined and funny presented - was a pleasure - thanks to him - we can highly recommend him

Ellemieke G.

15 days ago
We thought of was extremely knowledgeable about Vincent. He began the tour with various portraits of the artist. He quickly ascertain our extant knowledge of the artist and elaborated well beyond our knowledge base. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others and highly regarded by his professionalism.

Aaltje S.

26 days ago
We had a great tour with Rolf. He was very informative and pointed out so many things about the art it was very insightful. All three of us had a great time and he worked us through the crowd very well. It was great just being in a small group, gave up plenty of time to ask question. If you are going to the Van Gogh Museum .... go with Rolf !!

Rozemarijn K.

about 1 month ago
Thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Bart. Very knowledgable. Lots of in depth stories and anecdotes made the paintings come to life.

Anne-Marije K.

about 2 months ago
Great tour! Unable to find tickets that were available for the museum, we booked this private tour. We will never book again without a private tour!! Rolf was so informative. We learned so much more. We had an 11yr old with us and Rolf kept him engaged and made it a fun learning experience. Definitely recommend this tour! Thank you!

Jacoliene v.

about 2 months ago
My daughter and I had such a great experience with Rolf as our guide. He had so very much information and told us information we would not have received with an audio. He was prompt and we had no trouble meeting in front of the museum. He is truly an asset to your company. Would definitely recommend Rolf. Bravo!
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