Museum of Applied Arts

Museum of Applied Arts

Walking around the capital of Hungary, tourists cannot pass by one sight - a building with a conspicuous emerald roof. This is the Museum of Applied Arts, which is interesting not only for its architecture. It presents an exposition of the national Hungarian culture, so it is good to get acquainted with the country from here.

Located in the heart of Budapest, the Museum of Applied Arts stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, showcasing the finest examples of design, craftsmanship, and decorative arts. With its stunning Art Nouveau architecture and a vast collection spanning centuries, the museum offers visitors a journey through the evolution of applied arts in Hungary and beyond. This article delves into the Museum of Applied Arts, its history, its exhibits, and its significance in the cultural landscape of Budapest.

History of the Museum of Applied Arts

Established in 1872, the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Europe. The current building, designed by the renowned Hungarian architects Ödön Lechner and Gyula Pártos, was inaugurated in 1896. Its distinctive green-tiled roof and ornate interior make it a prime example of Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture.

Architectural Highlights

  • Exterior: The museum's facade is adorned with intricate ceramic tiles, primarily in green and gold, produced by the Zsolnay factory. The combination of traditional Hungarian motifs with Art Nouveau aesthetics gives the building its unique charm.
  • Interior: The museum's interior is equally impressive, with vast halls, stained glass windows, and elaborate ironwork. The central hall, with its glass roof, is particularly noteworthy, allowing natural light to illuminate the exhibits.

Collections and Exhibits

The Museum of Applied Arts boasts a diverse collection, including:

  • Furniture: A vast collection of furniture pieces, showcasing the evolution of design from the Renaissance to modern times.
  • Textiles: From traditional Hungarian costumes to contemporary fashion, the textile collection offers insights into the world of fabric design and innovation.
  • Metalwork: A dazzling array of metal objects, including jewelry, coins, and decorative pieces, highlighting the craftsmanship of metalworkers through the ages.
  • Ceramics and Glass: An extensive collection of ceramic and glass items, ranging from ancient pottery to modern glass art.
  • Temporary Exhibitions: The museum frequently hosts temporary exhibitions, focusing on specific themes, artists, or periods, offering fresh perspectives on the world of applied arts.

Significance of the Museum of Applied Arts

  • Cultural Heritage: The museum plays a pivotal role in preserving and showcasing Hungary's rich tradition of craftsmanship and design.
  • Educational Role: Through its exhibits and educational programs, the museum offers insights into the world of design, inspiring future generations of artists and designers.
  • Tourist Attraction: With its stunning architecture and vast collection, the Museum of Applied Arts is a must-visit for art enthusiasts, tourists, and anyone keen on exploring Budapest's cultural treasures.

Visiting the Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts is open to the public year-round, with guided tours available for those interested in a deeper understanding of the exhibits. Special events, workshops, and lectures are also organized, enhancing the visitor experience.


The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is not just a repository of objects; it's a living testament to the creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship that have defined the world of design for centuries. Whether you're drawn by its architectural beauty, its vast collection, or its cultural significance, a visit to the museum promises an enriching and enlightening experience.

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